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The company in Hong Kong specializing in environmentally friendly LED lighting systems for many years in the latest design of cold LED light strip products, can completely replace the traditional fluorescent tubes and lamps, lighting brightness and color temperature better, than traditional fluorescent tubes and lamps. 

The company produces the light bar device available anywhere, including a narrow location for all kinds of furniture design, such as: cabinets, wardrobes, exhibition showcase, interior ceilings, bathrooms and kitchens, home decoration, shopping ... and so on. Installation fast, easy and convenient, reduce costs and save time. Use low voltage, safe and reliable.
You can also have control of brightness and sensor switching system supply. As long as there are design or idea, we can design the ideal lighting system, satisfaction guaranteed. The company can manufacture 0.25 to 2 m length of the light bar, light bar colors, including red, green, blue and other colors such as light bar, light bar with 12V and 24V voltage to choose from, available in response to customer requirements and design, as well as open-air garden and pool lighting system waterproof light.

Our products are made ​​in manufacturing and quality inspection in Hong Kong to ensure the product is strictly factory